John Legere Talks Leadership In Twitter Space


Business mogul John Legere took to Twitter Space to educate entrepreneurs on the art of leadership. Legere discussed his 20-year experience at AT&T and how the iPhone changed the overall feel of the company and customer experience. Snoop Dogg Is Now The Official Owner Of Death Row

“AT&T trained and lost soo many leaders, incredible! Great training ground for leaders that went other places,” John added, “When I was at Dell Computer one of my former bosses, Jeff Weitzen was the CEO of Gateway Computer and he was AT&T, and as I said Dan Hesse and I were both running Sprint and T-Mobile, we worked together (at AT&T) when we were young.” John said.

Legere expressed the importance of customer service and the difference between each companies successes and failures. “When I came into T-Mobile they (AT&T) were the ‘big dog’ and they got lazy, AT&T & Verizon got lazy,” John continued to say, “For example, no one will ever forgive AT&T for … they were everybody’s first iPhone… and they (AT&T) weren’t ready for it… it was the worst experience in the world but frankly they didn’t care, they just didn’t care they were so big… The whole wireless industry didn’t care about customers, they called them ‘revenue-producing units.'”

Legere labeled AT&T the villain in his theoretical movie, driving his success behind the customer’s actual needs. Understanding the complexities of customers’ needs, Legere used the customer majority to overpower the big players in his industry. Maintaining his mystery while changing the direction of wireless John said, “People at AT&T and Verizon were fans of mine and T-Mobiles because they wanted to be doing what we’re doing.”

Legere even discussed how he leveraged international data roaming charges by getting in the back of a Brinks armored truck, holding a fake check with a film crew, going to AT&T stores for reactions. After sharing different experiences Legere took to the crowd and spoke to several people in the audience, Legere highlighted Greg the Founder of Dogepalooza for bringing awareness to cryptocurrency within his community and being an example of a leader, “What you just heard is somebody who’s got a cause, who’s got a community, and he’s got communication skills. This is leadership, not just having a concert, ‘I’m helping out the community with the proceeds, let me tell you about it,’ and that’s leadership,” said Legere.

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