Kim Potter Ex-Minnesota Cop Found Guilty Of Two Counts Of Manslaughter


The former Minnesota police officer who said she confused her handgun for her Taser – was found guilty of manslaughter for killing 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in April of this year. Snoop Dogg Is Now The Official Owner Of Death Row

After deliberating for 27 hours over for four days, jurors found 49 year old Minneapolis police officer Kimberly Potter, guilty of manslaughter in the killing of Daunte Wright. Ex-officer Kim Potter found guilty of two counts of manslaughter for fatally shooting Daunte Wright

Kim Potter claimed she confused her handgun for a Taser during a traffic stop resulting in her guilty verdict. Potter’s first degree manslaughter conviction confirms her improper use of force and violence that death of or great bodily harm could have been prevented.

The jury consisted of two Asian Americans, one Black person, and nine white people.

Various emotions spread across the courtroom when the verdict was read

Defense attorneys Paul Engh and Earl Gray petitioned a stay of execution requesting that Kim be allowed to stay free on bail until sentencing.
Hennepin County District Judge Regina Chu ordered Kim into custody held until February 18th sentencing.

Kim Potter had been free after posting a $100,000 bail back

Kim Potter had been free after posting a $100,000 bail back in April and is facing a maximum of 15 years behind bars. 

Daunte’s mother Katie thanked every For their support and spoke with the media after the guilty finding:

Daunte Wright was allegedly pulled over due to air fresheners hanging on his rear view mirror, not far from where former police officer Derek Chauvin’s was convicted for killing George Floyd.

Keith Ellison, Minnesota Attorney General addressed the media after Kim Potter’s conviction:


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