TNT’S “Claws” Partners With Warner Records’ Star DreamDoll For Single “Oh Shhh”


In preparation for “Claws” final season, DreamDoll releases new music video called “Oh Shhh.”

Bronx native DreamDoll, releases an original “Claws”-themed single, “Oh Shhh,”in partnership with TNT. Her latest single is a debute from her forthcoming project District 18, featuring The spicy “Claws” music video. Snoop Dogg Is Now The Official Owner Of Death Row

DreamDoll’s style and energy amplifies the overall essence of what the show “Claws” stands for; fashion forward, fierce women pushing all boundaries. “This was truly an honor considering how much I love Claws. Like me, these bad-ass-boss-bitches understand sometimes you have to make certain sacrifices to achieve your dream,” says Dream.

DreamDoll discuss the process when creating the song, “I wanted it to sound familiar yet new, with a feel-good vibe. After going through a couple of potential tracks, I landed on this beat which samples Fergie’s ‘London Bridge.’ I’m so excited that I can finally talk about it. It’s been so hard to hold it in. I hope my fans and fans of the show will love it.”

“Oh Shhh” is one of many 2021 DreamDoll releases, she’s been applying pressure with singles like “You Know My Body” featuring Capella Grey, “Ah, Ah, Ah” with Fivio Foreign and “Different Freestyle.”

Make sure to watch the “Claws” two-hour highly anticipated fourth and final season premiering on Sunday, December 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT. The third season of “Claws” ranked as a top 10 cable drama in 2019.


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