Where Are They Now: What Ever Happened To MySpace Tom ?


When Facebook hit the scene MySpace was quickly forgotten. At a point in time, MySpace was THE networking platform that everyone used! I remember how I used to take hours changing my profile theme, finding the best songs that fit my current mood. MySpace definitely paved the way for platforms like Facebook and Instagram! Snoop Dogg Is Now The Official Owner Of Death Row

After such an abrupt fall, I can help but wonder, What ever happened to everyone’s first MySpace friend, Tom..??? 

Myspace Founder Tom Anderson

MySpace was created by Tom(Anderson) and Chris DeWolfe who, at the time worked for an internet marketing company, eUniverse(which later became InterMix Media). Don’t Feel Bad for Myspace Founder Tom Anderson.

So we did some research and apparently since selling MySpace for an estimated $580 million in 2005, Tom has moved to Hawaii! He’s been spending his time as a travel photographer and I definitely recommend following him on Instagram as he posts some amazing photos!

Myspace Founder Tom Anderson

Tom‘s Instagram account boasts A decent following of 650k, which is understandable seeing how he played such a pivotal role in the social media revolution. 

Although the MySpace Days are long gone, Tom will always hold a space in our hearts. Head over to Instagram and follow him at @myspacetom to enjoy some of the breathtaking photos he posts


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